Will California have the Wisdom to Elect Delaine Eastin?

Delaine EastinYesterday, Delaine Eastin officially announced her candidacy for governor.  In an era of short-term thinking, her candidacy is more important than ever.

Why?  Because as the first President Bush once said “Think about every problem, every challenge, we face. The solution to each starts with education.”  And Delaine is the only candidate to see that the problems of today, which are real, can only be solved through long-term thinking, which focuses on education.

Delaine, as the former California Superintendent of Public Instruction, is the only candidate to focus on the long term economic viability of our state and our nation, while at the same time having the executive experience necessary to navigate the immediate problems that we face.   And I’m not one to say that we don’t have problems, especially with jobs.

But politicians like Donald Trump have tried to scapegoat immigrants and the poor in other countries for these problems.  It is of course easy to try and divide people, and someone who got rich off the backs of others, will continue to attack the most defenseless among us.  Yet, it is neither immigrants nor the poor in other countries who are “taking” most of our jobs.  It is the hyperactive change in technology that is changing our economic world, and nearly all traditional politicians are oblivious to this fact, or worse, some are trying to hide it.

Delaine knows that our state is the sixth largest economy in the world, in a large part because of technology.  But she also knows that currently this technology is leading to more disparity between the “haves” and the “have nots”.  And only education has a chance of solving this.  This is why I hope Californians will have the wisdom to vote for her in 2018.


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