Thought of the Day: “Being challenged, but not punished if incorrect.”

One of my students was sharing at the end of their Excel course that learning was best when they were “Being challenged but not punished if incorrect.”  I think there is a lot of value in this feeling, and it shows a problem with how traditional assessment/evaluation/grading systems work.  In this quarter, I had several students tell me how great of a teacher I was, but I also know I had far more students fail my course than pass it, and I wonder how I could have helped those students more.  I believe part of the answer lies in having assignments that are challenging, and then having an assessment & evaluation system or work that doesn’t punish students, but has built-in methods of encouraging students to try again so they can succeed.  This is what video games do very well, and it is amazing to me that we haven’t gamified higher education (or even primary and secondary education) to a greater degree.

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