Jacob Walker, M.S. Ed

Charter School Innovator

Charter schools are the best hope for improving education in the United States.  While there are a handful that have abused the flexibility that they are provided, and others that have closed due to not having leaders with the right competencies; when ran well, a public charter school can almost always outperform a traditional school, simply because it is rare for traditional schools to be run well.

This is because traditional school districts do not usually give their Principals sufficient authority tied to accountability to make things happen, and teachers in traditional schools are often hamstrung by regulations and micromanaged in how they deliver their curricula.

In contrast, a well-run charter school can quickly adapt to the needs of the students, and if it operates in an effective regulatory environment, then it will be held to account for student results.

My skill is in building innovative and effective systems within a charter school to provide the structure that facilitates student success. I have co-founded a charter school, and have consulted for several others, and from this experience I have seen what works, and what doesn't.  And while much of my experience has been with adult charter schools; in my work to become an expert in adult-charters, I also gained the knowledge and skills to make any charter school better.

Principal Consultant
Effective Eduction Solutions / Adult Charter School Knowledge Center2017-Present
  • Consulting for charter schools and postsecondary institutions
  • Nonprofit incorporation consulting including work on Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
  • Board regulatory consulting including training on the Brown Act, Political Reform Act, and other transparency and conflict of interest regulations.
  • Consulting and support in authoring charter petitions, including required elements, initial budget, and initial LCAP and charter measurements.
  • Consulting and support in teacher credentialing and qualifications regulations.
  • Provided services to support the improved use of data in education, including data integration, data analysis, etc.
  • Conducted research, including legal research for clients, and assisted in the drafting of school policies and procedures
  • Utilized social media, blogs, and other web technologies to reach potential clients and gain greater brand recognition
  • Specific projects  can be seen at www.EffectiveEducation.org/portfolio
Co-founder / Coordinator of Academics
Highlands Community Charter and Technical Schools2014-2017
  • Primary author of the charter petition
  • Primary grant writer, awarded $575,000 Public Charter Schools Grant Program (PCSGP), $60,000 Career Technical Education Innovation Grant (CTEIG), and WIOA Title II (variable award based on performance)
  • Developed effective policies and procedures
  • Developed school calendar, including tracks, and bell schedules
  • Coordinated the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)
  • Coordinated compliance audits
  • Planned and managed the development of standards-based curriculum, instruction, and assessment plans and strategies.
  • Provided subject matter expertise regarding adult student transfer credits and other prior learning assessments.
  • Provided professional development to teachers and other staff on a range of topics involving adult learning
  • Authored the School Accountability Report Cards (SARCs) and conducted advanced data analysis
  • Managed the Information Technology (IT) team and supported educational technology
Full-Time Faculty of Information Technology
Heald College Online2014
  • As a Professor, taught three sections of Spreadsheet Essentials (COMPAPP123)
  • Was a member of the Quality Student Feedback team, developing guidelines for faculty about providing feedback to students.
  • Participated in Full-Time Faculty Meetings and was part of several key policy recommendations.
  • Performed institutional research to understand online retention rates
  • Automated several processes through the use of advanced spreadsheets (including VBA programming)
Educator, Teacher on Special Assignment, Institutional Researcher
Twin Rivers Adult School (Formerly Grant Adult Education)2001-2013
  • Education Leadership
    • Federally designated Chief Financial Aid Director (2011-2013)
    • Career and Technical Education Department Chairperson (2005-2009 & 2011-2013)
    • Adviser and instructor for Twin Rivers Adult School Student Board (Student Government)
    • Facilitator in Shared Leadership Action Team, and Faculty Meetings
    • Policy Author and Adviser
  • Technology Instructor
    • Instructed Adults in Microsoft Windows, Internet, Security, and Microsoft Office
    • Developed and instructed applied academic curriculum for Microsoft Office courses including:
      • PowerPoint with Interpersonal Skills
      • Word with Business English
      • Excel with Real-World Math
      • Databases with Analysis (Business Intelligence)
    • Instructed advanced (work study) technician program
    • Instructed Introduction to Health Informatics for medical para-professionals
  • Institutional Researcher
    • WASC Postsecondary Accreditation Coordinator
    • Primary researcher for data driven decision making
    • Primary researcher for grant applications, accreditation and mandated reports
  • Educational Technologist
    • Chairperson of the Technology Action Team
    • Primary author of School Wide Technology Plan
    • In-house Technology In-service Professional Development Trainer
    • Database Technician & Administrator
Lead Technician and Trainer, Board Member
Psyberware Communications1995-2001
  • Lead Technician and Trainer
    • Founding employee who helped take the company from from start-up to the maturation of a medium-sized company.
    • Supported users with Internet questions and problems via the telephone
    • Provided technology classes to customers on how to use their computer and the Internet
    • Provided subject-matter expertise to other technicians
    • Being part of a start-up company, I was involved in many other areas including management, marketing, and technical writing.
  • Board Member - Treasurer
    • Became a board member after leaving employment with the company.
    • Deliberated over decisions affecting the entire company
    • Specific issues included health benefits for employees, and negotiations about a trademark dispute with a local company
    • As Treasurers, I worked with the accountant, president, and CEO about financial issues
Support Technician
  • Provided phone support throughout the United States to customers who were blind or visually impaired
  • Solved customer problems with adaptive technology, including screen readers and braille displays.
Doctoral Student
University of South Africa
  • On a leave of absence from my doctoral studies and research. 
  • Research employs data mining methods to look for correlations between educational factors and outcomes
Master of Science in Brain-Based Teaching
Nova Southeastern University2009-2010
  • Focused on how to use knowledge from the neurosciences to improve classroom instruction and education in general.
  • Masters research project investigated improving logical and hypothetical thinking.
  • Placed in the 99th Percentile on the Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal
Bachelors of Science, Individualized Studies in Education, Technology, and Systems
Charter Oak State College2007-2008
  • Graduated with Honors
California State University Sacramento2002-2007
  • Originally in the Bachelors of Vocational Education Program
  • Transferred to Charter Oak State College
Associate of Arts in Computer Science - Management Information Systems
Sierra College1993-1997
California Administrative Services Credential
Designated Subjects Supervision & Coordination Credential
Designated Subjects Career Technical Education Teaching Credential: Full Time
Information Technology; Education, Child Development, and Family Services; Arts, Media, and Entertainment
Microsoft Office Excel® 2010 Expert Certification
Earned a perfect score of 1000 out of 1000
Microsoft Office Word 2010 Expert Certification
Professional Association Memberships
International Educational Data Mining Society
Citizen Science Association